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The Kleen Chef® brand is committed to food safety excellence. Through product research and development only the best products are added to the Kleen Chef® line. We provide every food safety need from disposable, reusable and biodegradable products. Consumers can take pride in knowing there is a company looking out for their best interest. Not only is safety a concern but also the reliability of our products.


Kleen Chef® offers a full line of products designed to keep you safe in the food industry. Kleen Chef® is a leading brand of high quality kitchen safety gear that set the standard for comfortable, high-quality protection at work. From hand protection, sanitary protection and clothing protection our solutions help to maximize efficiency in a wide range of industries, enabling our customers to operate at peak productivity and remain safe — day in and day out.

Bison Production Company® Kleen Chef® kitchen safety products, kitchen equipment and industrial kitchen supplies are vital to all employers to ensure the health and safety of employees. The range of industrial kitchen equipment is extensive and choosing the right products can be a complex task even for experienced procurement staff. At Bison, we not only supply certified quality products but help educate you with the right products to serve your needs.


Bison Production helps this industry with the following products which help you protect yourself and your staff for a safe workplace:

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Protection Apparel

Keep your cafeteria, deli, or restaurant

employees' clothing clean with our High-

Density Polyethylene Disposable Aprons.

Designed to be waterproof, these are great for servers, bussers, and dishwashers who deal with wet or messy conditions over the course of their shift.

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Hand protection

Our Reusable and Disposable Gloves come in all different forms, shapes, and sizes depending on what the job is. Each model has specifically designed features that allow you to protect your hands and food in the safest and cleanest way possible.

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Head & Ear Protection

Kleen Chef® presents all the comfort and stability you need with it's breathable spun-bond materials and durable

properties. Our economical beard

protectors and hair nets provide an

effectively defensive barrier for all day

protection and coverage.

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Our team values producing quality products that our community will love. Though material research and feedback from the community we are constantly striving to improve. We continually offer products that are unique to the marketplace to insure our customers have a competitive advantage.


We not only have our products tested in labs independently, to meet and exceed standards, but also through our community. Not only to we want to make sure a product is safe and reliable but also that our neighbors approve. We take feedback seriously and strive for even greater products.

Research & Development

The Kleen Chef® Brand is committed to developing product that are an asset to our communities. Through research and planning each product is carefully mapped and processed by our different departments. Our entire team has a hand in bringing a product into fruition and making sure it is the perfect product for Kleen Chef®.

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