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The Popular Life® brand is committed to household product excellence. Through product research and development only the best products are added to the Popular Life® line. We provide every household need from disposable, reusable and biodegradable products. Consumers can take pride in knowing there is a company looking out for their best interest. Not only is safety a concern but also the reliability of our products.


Popular Life® offers a full line of products designed to keep you safe in your home. Popular Life® is a leading brand of high quality household products that set the standard for comfortable and high-quality. From cleaning products, clothing protection and household necessities our solutions help to maximize efficiency and safety.

Bison Production Company® Popular Life® household solutions are vital to all homes to ensure the health and safety. The range of household products is extensive and choosing the right products can be a complex task even for experienced procurement staff. At Bison, we not only supply certified quality products but help educate you with the right products to serve your needs.


Bison Production Company® Popular Life® helps the household with the following products:

Cleaning Supplies

Everything you need to keep your kitchen, bathroom, and home spotless without damaging surfaces. Popular Life®

products are made with highly durable

materials that stand up to hard-to-remove grime and dirt. We're here to make your cleaning duties nearly effortless!

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Fall Protection

Pulling weeds in the garden, cleaning,

working construction, or outdoor

activities - no matter the job, your knees

will be in good shape and have you

covered with Popular Life® knee pads.

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Head & Ear Protection

Durable, trustworthy, and long lasting

products for every day use. Convenience

is a must when it comes to keeping your environment sanitary. Your one-stop-shop to discovering numerous affordable and effective solutions!

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Our team values producing quality products that our community will love. Though material research and feedback from the community we are constantly striving to improve. We continually offer products that are unique to the marketplace to insure our customers have a competitive advantage.


We not only have our products tested in labs independently, to meet and exceed standards, but also through our community. Not only to we want to make sure a product is safe and reliable but also that our neighbors approve. We take feedback seriously and strive for even greater products.

Research & Development

The Popular Life® Brand is committed to developing product that are an asset to our communities. Through research and planning each product is carefully mapped and processed by our different departments. Our entire team has a hand in bringing a product into fruition and making sure it is the perfect product for Popular Life®.

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